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My name is dickn****r.

2012-11-21 15:51:55 by walkinator

My penis is long. It throbs constantly, but remains soft and flaccid. Every once in a while, I think it might be watching me. Every day, it wakes me up with a cock-a-doodle-doo. But it is not a rooster. It is my penis.

A few weeks ago, it did my math homework for me. I got every other problem left. The other problems were straight. My eyes and my penis sometimes engage in fisticuffs. They bicker, but I know that, deep down, they do love each other. It warms my heart, as well as my rectum.
This is the screenplay I have been working on. I think it might be a blockbuster. I want to have Tommy WIseau star in the movie.

pokemon tower defence

2012-10-01 23:50:48 by walkinator

I'm pretty sure it's been a featured game for almost a year now. I'm guessing the admins like mudkipz. I personally hate the game, too much grinding to make it seem like 10 minutes of content is actually a years worth.

Mr. stephans

2012-08-11 12:27:56 by walkinator

He stole my large vagina and sold it to some horny teenage boys.

I know most of it is shit, but I updated my planet picture and it doesn't look like crap anymore, so take a look.

I blammed a submission!

2011-10-07 23:33:39 by walkinator

Congratulations! You just destroyed someone else's hard work! This Flash has been blammed.
That was the message I received. Don't worry, they didn't work hard at all. (it was literally just a line)

that is all. I am now light.


2011-08-28 01:48:04 by walkinator

I was banned. 3 days isn't enough to fix anyones bad habbits anyway, only enough to keep me boared during the hurricane. Besides, I didn't do shit to deserve this. This place is like fucking nazi germany when it comes to fucking rules. (all of my other bans I completely understand though, tat was always on my account. God dammit, who is even gonna read this.


I made a sig for my bro

2011-08-28 01:33:30 by walkinator

Here it is.

I made a sig for my bro

best review ever

2011-07-25 14:49:54 by walkinator

this flash review for shmup was just so amazing.

best review ever

are uyo giys sereus?

2011-07-19 22:11:54 by walkinator

i rund with sizzers an d i cut my hond bad it hertz and ther iz red evrey weyre i dont no how to put a rele picsher on hear so hear iz a picshure i drew myself I am not acshuly blak in reel life?

are uyo giys sereus?